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Life is like...

Is the glass half full or half empty? Everyone knows the answer. Many factors come into play to determine how you look at a situation. Attitude and perspective are crucial. That’s the way life is.

Life can have moments that are happy, sad, uncompromising and funny; Chaucer has made it his doggie-duty to hold a mirror up and illustrate as many facets as possible.

Every Chaucer panel begins with ‘ Life is like’. He will gladly show you how life is like ‘a piece of cake’, ‘a tornado’, ‘a sentimental film’ or like one of over a thousand other comparisons. Chaucer can see parallels in the smallest things in everyday life.

Chaucer will not leave you hanging. He finishes what he starts and reveals WHY life is the way it is. For example:

Life is like a rose: without thorns there would be no flower.
Life is like a totem pole: the most important part is at the bottom.